Whether it’s television, film, commercial, promo, Kickstarter or event/live related, we’ve got you covered! From concept to screen, we offer full scale production services that surpass all expectations! Including pre-production and post-production, as well as print/publication and product photography!

Live/Event Streaming

We also offer full streaming production for live events in any major US City. This includes up to 20 camera operators (with equipment) and all necessary tools for streaming your event online, via broadcast or projection in-house at the event for the audience to enjoy!


Through special relationships with other media companies and publications, US Production is proud to offer full Marketing, Publishing (Print & Digital), Promotional and Social Media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) services! We specialize in taking start-ups and growing companies to the next level!


Lowest Price for Quality in America

We use our experience in film and television to keep costs down to a minimum while not undermining quality and presentation. We can make a thousand dollars look like a million easily and quickly! No need to break the bank when it comes to producing with us!

Build a relationship with us

Not only do we take great pride in our production abilities, but we take even greater pride in the people we make them with and for! We’re all about building relationships in any industry because you never know where it might lead! We’re not just a production company, we’re your new friend in the industry!



If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for in the production world, let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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